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Anti -festival, nové nápady v městském prostředí

Kuopio, Finsko
Festival již po čtvrté nabízí platformu pro nové nečekané nápady, které mají být realizovány v městském prostředí a sice s pomocí zvuku, světla, environmentálního umění, performačního a živého umění. Práce budou vybírány na základě přihlášek umělců, designerů a studentů umění ze všech disciplín, kteří přijdou s novým nápadem, myšlenkou a pracemi. Termín 11. února 2005.


ANTI -festival, Kuopio, Finland - Call for proposals 2005

For the fourth time Kuopio is the scene for the ANTI - festival. The festival offers a venue for new and unexpected ideas to be realised in a city environment by means of sound, light or environmental art, performance and live art.

The works will be selected on the basis of applications, the deadline for which is the 11th of February 2005. The festival welcomes applications from artists, designers and art students of all disciplines with new ideas and pieces.

ANTI -festival acts as a forum for radical arts, offering an alternative route for presenting non-commercial art outside the conventional mainstream channels. In choosing successful applicants the ANTI gives priority to fresh forms of artistic expression like environmental art, light, sound and installation work, as well as performance art. Festival takes place in every day places in the city - so far we have used communal buildings and environments ranging from a railway station on to a church and social welfare office.

The contents of ANTI - proposals

The Festival seeks to activate 12 previously selected sites/environments either conceptually or through the use of inside/outside spaces. The artist chooses a location for his/her/their piece from the ones proposed. It is essential for the proposals to take into consideration the audience and customers that are already present at each location. The piece can somehow combine various locations.

Being tied to a location is an extremely important factor when it comes to assessing and selecting performance - as well as sculptural works. It is hoped that, on top of the elements already presented in a given space, full advantage is taken of the opportunities awarded by the use of light and sound as constituents of environmental and performance pieces.

The form of proposals and requirements

Proposals must include:

  • the name and contact information of the artist
  • work plan (max. 1 page)
  • the duration
  • budget plan
  • applicant's CV
  • max. One attachment (photo, video, CD-Rom etc)

Technical details of suggested pieces need not be entirely thought through and their development can proceed after the decisions of inclusion have been made. However, the essential idea and the maximum of estimated costs for the piece have to be given precisely already at this stage as the budget for the entire event will be set right after making the selections. The estimated costs must include the materials for the piece, travel expenses and a performing fee and also possible financial resources (travel grants etc.).

Deadline for the proposals has been set as the 11th of February 2005.

Proposals should be sent by e-mail to info@antifestival.com or by post to the Arts Council of North Savo, Kuninkaankatu 15, 70100 Kuopio Finland

Further information including pictures of locations and application form: www.antifestival.com

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