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European meeting of fringe theater groups v Rakousku

Od 16. do 19. června se v rakouském St. Pöltenu koná mezinárodní setkání divadel, divadleních a tenčních skupin i jednotlivců, kteří se věnují okrajovým a nezávislým žánrům divadla. Cílem přednášek a workshopů je podnítit rozvoj těchto žánrů ve východní Evropě. Oficiální řečí je angličtina a celý meeting je zdarma.

Více informací naleznete na stránkách http://www.freietheater.at, přihlašovací formulář je ke stáhnutí v rámečku vpravo.

This is an invitation to all theater, dance and performance groups (and single persons) in Europe to join us in St. Pölten, Lower-Austria, in a border-crossing dialogue about working-conditions, problems and visions in the field of fringe or non-institutional theater. Encouraged by the EU eastern expansion, this professional meeting involves a series of lectures, workshops, working-groups, and exciting diverse performances by theater companies from 5 different European countries.

The meeting intends to offer information, exchange and concrete net-working between theater practitioners throughout Europe.

The finishing-touch will be an international party with street theater and live bands.

We would like to encourage as many fringe theater practitioners as possible to take part, and try therefore to provide free accommodation in the limit of our budget. We are able to offer limited travel expenses to guests from Eastern Europe.

On the webpage http://www.freietheater.at it is already possible to join a discussion-dialogue and present your projects. We are looking forward to receiving your suggestions, ideas and reactions.

Entrance to the meeting and to all performances is free of charge. For the performances we organize a shuttle bus from Vienna to St. Pölten and back. Meeting language is English.


Festspielhaus St. Pölten

Kulturbezirk 2

A-3109 St. Pölten (near Vienna)


Info and application form (as well attached)
http://www.freietheater.at/ EUROPEAN OFF NETWORK

Application for persons without web

t: +43 1 403 87 94

f: +43 1 403 87 94 - 17

Deadline Mai 10, 2005


Thursday, June 16th, 2005

5.00 p.m.

Welcome and open lounge: who is who - presentations and contact exchange

8.00 p.m.

Tabola Rassa figure theater from Spain

L'Avar(e) according to Molière

Friday, June 17th, 2005

9.00 a.m.

Opening: Dr. Erwin Pröll (Head of the Provincial Government of Lower Austria)
9.30 a.m.

Prof. Dragan Klaic (Serbia/NL):

Fringe theater: different performing art systems in Europe - chances and contradictions
10.30 a.m.

Darina Kárová (Slovakia):

Visibility of fringe theater - net-working in eastern Europe

12.00 a.m.

Situation of fringe theater in Europe - country reports

16.30 p.m.


a) contents and tradition

b) social and legal working-conditions

c) net-working in fringe theater

20.00 p.m.
Bladder Circus Company (Hólyagcirkusz Társulat)/Hungary
To Hell With The Old Witch Anarchistic circus-opera
Followed by a Round Table
Open Lounge

Saturday, June 18th, 2005

9.00 a.m.

Prof. Michael Birkmeyer (Austria):

Programming: strategies and problems

10.15 a.m.

Mary Ann de Vlieg (Belgium):

Visions and practise of the IETM (Informal European Theatre Meeting)

11.45 a.m.

Precarious work: multiple protests of artists in France 2003 - video and discussion

14.30 p.m.


W I: Prof. Dragan Klaic

Strategies to strengthen the position of fringe theater groups in Europe

W II: Mary Ann de Vlieg

Supplementation without Competition: visions of a future co-operation between EUROPEAN OFF NETWORK and IETM

14.30 p.m.

I Cannot Hear theatre (Divadlo Neslysim)/Czech Republic

Thing is not a thing theater for the deaf - for children

Followed by a Round Table

17.00 p.m.

Panel discussion:

Fringe Theater: mobility of culture in the "new" Europe

International Theater Party

20.00 p.m.

Satores & Arepo Group/Bulgaria-Slovenia

Anatomy of Extreme physical theater performance

22.00 p.m.

Teatro Biuro Podrozy/Poland

Carmen Funebre spectacle with stilts in front of the Festspielhaus

Live music with

Freedom Fries (Turkey, Austria, Serbia & Montenegro, Macedonia, Bulgaria, Ukraine)

Ectar (Hungary)

Ewiges Kind (Germany, Austria, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Mexico, USA)

Sunday, June 19th, 2005

9.30 a.m.

Final plenary session with brunch

who is who:

Prof. Dragan Klaic: Theater theorist from Serbia, former President of the "European Network of Information Centers for the Performing Arts" and of the"European Forum for the Arts and Heritage"/NL

Dr. Darina Kárová: is in charge of THIS (Theater Information Site/Server/Service) and the theaterfestival "Nitrafest" in Slovakia

Prof. Michael Birkmeyer: Director Festspielhaus St. Pölten

Mary Ann de Vlieg: coordination of the "Informal European Theatre Meeting" in Belgium

Maria Haneder-Kulterer


t: +43 699 10518133

Sabine Kock


t: +43 1 4038794


Association of Independent Theater

Gumpendorferstraße 63B

A-1060 Wien

Internet: www.freietheater.at

International key persons:
Tomas Zizka (Czech Republic)
Romana Maliti (Slovakia)
Laszlo Hudi (Hungary)
Simona (Slovenia)
Ivica Simic (Croatia)
Stefania Gardecka (Poland)
Petar Todorov (Bulgaria)
Victor Scoradetz (Romania)
Kirsten Hass (Germany)
Hans Läubli (Switzerland)

This meeting is supported by:

Niederösterreich Kultur, Festspielhaus St. Pölten, .Kunst, Wien Kultur, OESTIG, Polish Institute Vienna, Czech Center Vienna, Collegium Hungaricum Vienna

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