31.08.2007 00:00

Holandský institut pro light design iLo zve na své akce

INSTITUTE FOR LIGHTING DESIGN - iLo (International Lightingdesigners Organisation)

theatre, music, architecture, public space, musea, visual arts, television, film and virtual LIGHT

Information (in English in short) to be found on the new website:


The iLo is a platform for:
- design and research
- coaching and workshops
- debate and lectures
- (inter)national network

Would you like to stay updated about our activities please click www.ilolight.net. Fill in your emailadres at 'newsletter' and follow the instructions.

Best regards,
Henk van der Geest, artistic and managing director
Titia Daniels, administrator
Isabel Nielen, coordinator

iLo / Instituut Lichtontwerpen
Keizersgracht 264
1016 EV Amsterdam
The Netherlands

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