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INSTANT ACTS against violence and racism

Invitation for young artists to apply for participation in the international theatre project "INSTANT ACTS against violence and racism", on tour in Germany and European neighbour countries for ten weeks in September, October and first part of November 2000.

We are looking for a group of 2 to 4 young artists (age between 16 and 25) in the field of theatre, dance, music, painting, to take part in the international theatre project "INSTANT ACTS against violence and racism". We ask you to present a performance of about 10 minutes based on the theme violence and racism. Each invited person gets lodging in youth hostels, catering, travel to and from Berlin, transfer to the performance places and health insurance. Additionally every person gets a fee.

Send your application until April 30, 2000 with information about:
1. names, birthdates and passport numbers of the proposed persons
2. description of the proposed ten minute performance/song/dance
3. descriprion about your capability to lead workshops for youngsters

The international youth theatre project "INSTANT ACTS against Violence and Racism" gets public support by the European Union, municipalities, districts and ministries of the federal states of Germany. In 1997, the project has received an award from the European Union on the occasion of the Year against racism. In 1998 and 1999, the project received a grant by the European Union, Program Kaleidoskop. Since 1993, the project has been carried out in 250 villages and cities in ten federal states, primarily in the former East Germany.

We go into schools, churches, youth-, sport- or cultural-centres, theatres and jails, to all places where we can meet young people. 25 young artists from different European countries create professional acts, based on their personal experiences and express them artistically (theatre, performance, music, songs or dance). The artists do work on new acts by improvisation and daily rehearsals, conducted by a theatre director.

Before the show, during the day, we have workshops, meetings, rehearsals, training, etc. with the local youth, for example street dance, rap, music, drumming, Graffiti, theatre, flamenco, etc. Some elements of these meetings will be integrated into the show on the same day.

INTERKUNST is a registered non-profit association based in Berlin. It was founded on 10.10.1990 and is active since 1992. Activities are concentrated on the realization of multi-cultural projects, innovative forms of encounter and interdisciplinary forms of theatre and art. The association is in particular representing their European approaches by creating integrative projects for artists from different disciplines and of different nationalities. A main focus of the theatre work is lying in the area of cultural preventive measures, which is realized by creating educational cultural concepts and programs. Here, methods are developed in order to achieve a maximum involvement and activity of the audience.

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