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Jeunes Talents Cirque

Jeunes Talents Cirque je nový podpůrný program pro mladé a začínající tvůrce z oblasti cirkusového umění. Je určen pro zájemce z Francie a z Evropy. Cílem je podpořit vznik nových forem a tvorby v této sféře. Deadline žádostí je 30. září 2005, více se dozvíte na www.horslesmurs.asso.fr (v sekci aktuality).

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Jeunes Talents Cirque: projects call

Projects call - Jeunes Talents Cirque

Jeunes Talents Cirque is a supportive programme for young creators in the circus arts field in France and in Europe. Its aim is to support the emergence of new forms and writings and to favour artistic research and creation in this field.

Projects call
You have a first or second artistic research or creation project in the circus arts field. You are seeking help and support to realise it: you can present your project to Jeunes Talents Cirque.

You must be resident in Europe and not currently studying in a circus school. You must not have received any financial help from the French Culture Ministry - DMDTS or DRAC - or from any analogous European institution. Applications can be made solo or with several people. It is not necessary to be an association or to hold a performing art business licence. There is no age limit. Performances that have already been created are not concerned.

Application process
1 - Obtain a project presentation document and return it by September 30th 2005.
2 - During the first phase in October 2005, a selection committee of professionals wills elect about thirty projects based on the presentation file
3 - In early 2006, these projects are to be presented orally and in the form of a "model", at one of the four reception sites of the operation in France, in the presence of a committee of professionals (artists, instructors, cultural operators...)
4 - Ten of these projects will be selected and will benefit from support and financial aid starting March 2006
5 - Late September 2006, these ten artistic teams will have the opportunity to present the progress of their research or creative work in public, in the form of their choosing, at the Théâtre de la Cité Internationale (Paris).

The project presentation files must be returned by September 30th 2005.

Information and documents can be obtained at: Sce`nes de Cirque, jtc@scenesdecirque.org / + 33 1 43 40 48 60
On the HorsLesMurs website: www.horslesmurs.asso.fr - under Actualité.

Jeunes Talents du Cirque is an initiative of the French Culture and Communication Ministry (DMDTS), which first took place in 2002 within the context of the Year of the Circus Arts, then again in 2004, with the opening up of the initiative to other European countries. It is aided by a group of partners who reaffirm their wish to support young creation: The Culture and Communication Ministry (DMDTS), the City of Paris, the Ile-de-France Regional Council, the AFAA, the BNP Paribas Foundation, the ADAMI, the SACD, the SACEM, and with the collaboration of HorsLesMurs and the AGECIF.

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