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Mezinárodní překladatelský workshop německého dramatu v Muelheimu v Německu

Německé centrum ITI pořádá ve spolupráci s Divadelním festivalem Stuecke v Muelheimu ve dnech 13. - 29. května 2005 mezinárodní workshop překladů německého dramatu. Festival prezentuje světové premiéry nových německých her a je jedním z největších setkání německého současného dramatu. Praktická práce s texty bude těžištěm workshopu. Přihlášky zasílejte do 31. března 2005.

Původní zpráva:

Call for Applications - International Translators Workshop

13 - 29 May 2005

The German centre of the ITI in co-operation with the Muelheim theatre festival "STUECKE" again has the pleasure to announce the International Translator Workshop of German Drama in Muelheim, 13 - 29 May 2005. Since 1985 ITI Germany has been co-operating with the Muelheim theatre festival in arranging the International Translator Workshop and, on the occasion of the 30th edition of the theatre festival "STUECKE", will celebrate its 20th anniversary, this year.

The unique festival "Stuecke" presents world premiers of new plays in German. "Stuecke" is one of the major annual meetings of German contemporary dramatic theater. It attracts large audiences, among them many professionals, from all over Germany. The critical response by the press and the media has usually been overwhelmingly enthusiastic. In 1987, "Stuecke" received the World Theatre Day Award of our centre. Muelheim an der Ruhr is an industrial city in the heart of a very active theatre region, it is situated near Essen, Bochum, Düsseldorf, Cologne, Bonn, and Wuppertal.

The purpose of the event is to introduce translators of German theatre to contemporary German plays in their first production on the stage and to inspire their translation into other languages in order to promote productions abroad. The practical work on the texts will again play the central role. To be held over the course of several days, this phase will involve the participation of the authors. We believe the meeting will lead again to an open and fruitful exchange from which the participants will not only take home new experiences, but also new translation projects and possibly some stimulations to perform them abroad.

Discussion events and special workshop sessions designed to familiarise translators with the cultural and political context of the plays and contemporary German theatre in general complement the main programme. In addition to open discussions following the performances, the translators will also have the chance to meet the authors, members of the festival jury, critics, journalists, cultural administrators, and publishers. Finally, the translator's meeting offers a unique opportunity for guest translators to exchange experiences with each other and their German colleagues.

Participants will be about 15 theatre translators with special interest in contemporary plays and who will translate from German into their respective first languages. The translators of the 2nd INTERNATIONAL PLATFORM CONTEMPORARY THEATRE from Hungary, Romania, Portugal and France will participate, as well as Canadian and Dutch translators, who will collaborate for the 3rd PLATFORM round. Working language will be German.

All local costs, i.e. hotel, per diems, theatre tickets and local transportation will be covered by ITI Germany and "STUECKE" Muelheim. The participants travel fare should ideally be covered by their home ITI Centres or other funding bodies. A very limited number of travel grants will be available.

Applications should be sent to the German ITI Centre before 31 March, 2005.

Applications by e-mail are welcome. Please attach a short CV and a list of translated works.

Internationales Theaterinstitut
Postfach 41 11 28
121 21 Berlin

We would be glad to welcome you to the Translator Workshop, Kind regards

Andrea Zagorski
Project co-ordinator

ITI Germany
Schloßstr. 48
D-12165 Berlin
fon: 0049 30 791 17 77
fax: 0049 30 791 18 74

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