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Oznámení – Velká Británie (Manchester) – divadelní festival

V anglickém Manchesteru se 1. – 5. listopadu 2005 uskuteční Second European Urban Theatre Festival / Druhý evropský městský divadelní festival.

Organizátoři festivalu vyzývají umělce, politiky a producenty ke zvážení účasti na festivalu.

Umělci by měli podat návrhy na vystoupení na festivalu do konce roku 2004 s vysvětlením

- jak dílo přispěje porozumění evropského povědomí a - jak prohloubí porozumění děl vytvořených v městském kontextu.

Kontakt: Leila Jancovich; European Urban Theatre Festival, tel.: 07970 173 774,

e-mail: info@eutf.net

European Urban Theatre Festival – Invitation to artists

The second European Urban Theatre Festival will take place in Manchester, England from 1 - 5 November 2005.

The first festival took place in Amsterdam in 2002 providing a showcase of new work emerging out of an urban context and through an integrated conference debating artistic trends in relation to multi-culturalism, urban expansion, and the impact of new technology across Europe.

The second festival will include performances from artists from across Europe including:

•  12 productions from artists across Europe

•  6 commissions for artists to create work specifically for the festival

•  invited speakers to represent a range of perspectives at a major conference

Artists are invited to put forward a proposal for involvement either as an artist or speaker by the end of 2004, or to register interest in receiving an application form as a delegate when they are sent out in the New Year. 

Please submit a project proposal explaining how your work contributes to an investigation and exploration into what urban means in your own social and economic context .

If the work is available to be seen please supply tour dates. If it is new work please provide referees who can vouch for your work.

The selection will seek to embrace a wide definition of theatre using new language born out of a fusion of different styles and artistic disciplines. The work selected will need to reflect on shared European history, but not necessarily from a Western perspective. In this way the work will challenge the Western notion of ‘ Europe ' itself.

The work may be site specific or building based, with priority given to work that is cross art form.

Selection of work will be made by an artistic committee including:

•  Garfield Allen, Creative Producer of the festival and Director the Green Room, Manchester

•  Felix Cross, Nitro, London

•  Khaldoun Elmecky, Cosmic Theatre, Amsterdam

•  Andreas Freudenberg, Werkstatt der Kulturen in Berlin

•  Isobel Hawson, Arts Council England

•  John McGrath, Contact, Manchester

Garfield Allen will be taking the lead on identifying projects as Creative Producer of the festival, but please feel free to discuss your proposal with any member of the committee before submitting your formal request for consideration to:

c/o The Green room
54-56 Whitworth street West
Manchester M1 5WW

E-mail info@eutf.net

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