19.11.2015 17:33

Přednáška: Tour de France jako kulturní představení

Katedra divadelních studií FF MU vás zve na přednášku Jakuba Papuczyse (Katedra performatiky, Jagellonská univerzita, Krakov) Tour de France as Cultural Performance. Uskuteční se (v anglickém jazyce) 1.-3. prosince 2015 v 10.50-12.20 v učebně G01 Gorkého 7, Brno.

Anotace přednášky:

The basis of lecture is examine sport events as a complex, multileveled, taking place on many fields cultural performance. When we look at sport as cultural performance, which I define from John J. MacAloon as a “occasions in which as culture or society we reflect upon and define ourselves, dramatize our collective myths and history, present ourselves with alternatives and eventually change in some ways while remaining the same in others”, we can see that sport is not only mass entertainment but is an event which initiates and establishes many cultural, political and social processes. Tour de France is good example and amplification of this thesis. For Frenchmen and French culture this cycling race isn’t just a sport spectacle but it is an event very strong connected to tradition, collective memory, culture and national heritage. This perspective of analysis Tour de France show also that this is one of the most important performance which construct French imaginaries in XX century.

Therefore I want to ask questions why this particular sport – on first sight not very spectacular, monotonous, lasts very long and difficult to watch – transformed into such important event and gained so much popularity? In which ways it reached to recipients and in which methods it was created and mediatized as a mass performance? What is the stage of this performance and in what manner its scenarios were framed? Who are the actors and what representations are connected to them? How people could experience it and in which ways modes of experiencing it was changed. Try to find what is specifies of this sport event and what happened that this specifies enable Tour de France to take part in so many processes which constructed modern French culture and national identification. In short: what real annd symbolic processes, myths, hopes, fears reveal themselves in this and through this cultural performance?

Autor článku: Martin Bernátek