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Šestitýdenní rezidenční pobyt v Nairobi

Kenya - Compagnie Gaara Nairobi, Keňa Šestitýdenní rezidenční pobyt v Nairobi pro tanečníky a performační umělce z celého světa nabízí první skupina současného tance v Keňi - Compagnie Gaara, která v roce 2002 otevřela v Nairobi pluridisciplinární uměleckou továrnu The Godown Arts Centre. Termín podání přihlášek je 30. dubna 2004.

Kenya - Compagnie Gaara
Residency in Nairobi, Kenya 2004-2005 (6 týdnů.)
Discipline: new dance / performance
Origin of candidates: all regions of the world
Languages: English, French or Swahili
Maximum age: none
Deadline: 30 April 2004
Partner institutions: the Godown Centre for the Performing and Visual Arts, Nairobi

Host institution: the Compagnie Gaara is the first contemporary dance company in Kenya. Since its emergence on the international scene at the African Choreographic Encounters of 1998, the company has been remarked for its choreographic specificity. Since 2000, in collaboration with local and international institutions (Ballet Atlantique, Association Française d'Action Artistique, Maison Française-Nairobi, Unesco, Ford foundation...), the company has built a long-term project of choreographic development, exchange and creation in Kenya. With the opening of Nairobi's pluridisciplinary artistic fabrik,The Godown Arts Centre, in january 2002, the project has found new base.

Working/living conditions: acces to working/ performance space in Nairobi. Opportunities for encounters, exchange and workshop with local artists. Possibilities to develop or collaborate towards new work or present existing work.

Nature of bursary: return ticket, full board. The laureate must provide his own health insurance.

Dates of residency: to be fixed by mutual agreement between August 2004 and June 2005

Eligibility: experienced choreographer/dancer with demonstrated ability and propensity towards new choreographic direction and performance research. Working knowledge of English, French or Swahili required.

How to apply:

1. Send an application form (to be found at the Unesco website - http://portal.unesco.org/culture/en/ev.php , a curriculum vita, samples of recent work (video, CD-ROM, DVD, photographs, slides etc. - for dance, a video is imperative), a letter of application and two testimonials directly to the following address:

Compagnie Gaara - M. Opiyo Okach or Mme Claire Gélineau - 46,
rue Servan - 75011
Paris - France
tel.: (33-1) 48 05 50 94
fax: (33-1) 48 05 50 94
e-mail: production@gaaraprojects.com

2. Send a copy of the application form (only the application form) to UNESCO-IFPC at: Fonds international pour la promotion de la culture (FIPC)

- UNESCO-Bourses pour artistes UNESCO
Aschberg - 1,
rue Miollis - 75732
Paris Cedex 15
fax: (33-1) 45 68 55 95
e-mail: dir.aschberg@unesco.org
Closing date for applications: 30 April 2004

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