13.11.2019 11:11

Slovinská studentka dramaturgie hledá stáž v Praze

Slovinská studentka dramaturgie Eva Kučera Šmon hledá stáž v Praze (spolupráce s dramaturgy, režiséry, organizace festivalu atp.).
Kontakt: eva.smon@hotmail.com


my name is Eva Kučera Šmon and I'm currently studying at the Academy of theatre, radio, film, and television (AGRFT)  in Ljubljana, Slovenia. I'm studying dramaturgy, and in three years of studies, I gained a lot of practical experiences during my internships in Slovenian National Opera and Ballet Theatre of Ljubljana. I wrote three articles for the National Opera house, one for Slovenian Theatre Institute where I also participate in various symposiums and conferences, also my work was published in theatrical magazines such as Amfiteater and Adept, and my drama was published and read in Slovenian National Drama Theatre. Mentioning practical experiences, I was assistant of dramaturg for three times (also in Nationa Opera house), once to dramaturg Matic Starina and twice to house dramaturg Tatjana Ažman: for opera Macbeth (director Jernej Lorenci), for opera Lucia di Lammermoor (director Frank Van Laecke) and for opera Hoffmann tales (director Aleksandar Popovski) and I was also a volunteer for Maribor theatre festival where I gained some experiences in cultural management.

My question/request to you would be if there are any internship possibilities (Erasmus+) at your institution in Prague (whether collaboration with dramaturg or collaboration with the director, producers, helping with the organization of the festival, etc.. )

I am available for summer semester (February- May) and I should work 25 hours per week minimally. I would be honored to intern at your institution to gain even more experience in practical work. Please let me know if there are any opportunities for an internship, or if you maybe know someone (dramaturg, director, producer or anyone) who would be interested in my offer.

Eva Kučera Šmon