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Taneční soutěž v Barceloně

Ve dnech 24. - 28. 3. se v barceloně uskuteční mezinárodní taneční soutěž. Soutěžící se představí max. 8-minutovou choreografií na volné téma. Hudební doprovod na CD si obstarají soutěžící sami. Pořadatel zajistí 20-timinutové rozcvičení. Soutěže se účastní 19 zemí ze 4 kontinentů. Poplatek: 399 Euro.

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Kontakt: fordancers2004@tiscali.it



TEXT of the Barcelona Costa Brava Dance FESTIVAL PROGRAM
Barcelona - Costa Brava - Dance Prize 2005
from 24th to 28nd MARCH 2005
(during the Easter Holiday Time)  Time.XII° EDITION
Dear Directors and/or Principals,
we are pleased to invite you and your best dance students to participate in the 12° Edition of "Barcelona Festival - Dance & Theatre Prize". The Festival/Competition will be held from from 24th to 28nd MARCH 2005
(during the Easter Holiday Time) in Costa Brava - Spain. The main focus will be DANCE - Classical, Modern, Contemporary, Jazz, Hip Hop, Funky, Folk and all of the various interpretations of Theatre Dance Laboratories.
After the great success of the Barcelona Dance Awards 2004 festival editions we are honoured and to welcome you in Spain. ! About 1300 dancers from the five continent had dance and compete in the big EU dance event in the 2004!

Theatre space will be given to Schools and Dance Departements where students and guest artists will present one or more pieces of a performance or review which will compete for prizes in the various categories of the Dance & Theatre Prize 2005. The Opening Ceremony - Show on March 24th will be held in the Costa Brava Theatre.

All of the festival participants and the great international guests will perform that day for notable experts from the world of
culture and show business and press and media representatives.

Official representatives of Several Embassy will welcome the artists, dancers and all of the participants to this international event.

The closing ceremony and awarding of the "Barcelona Festival - Dance Prize 2005" will be held on March 24th at the Theatre.

Enclosed you will find the program and participation costs as well as descriptions of the prestigious theatres in which the dance evenings will be held, the Hotel and/or University Residence where participants will be lodged and finally, the restaurants where every representative of each performance will receive a final applause.

We are certain of providing an unforgettable experience in the magic of Barcelona, one of the cultural capitals of the new
«Millennium», and we are at your disposal for additional general information and specific information on the norms and
modalities which guide the more technical aspect of the festival: length of pieces and their artistic characte, etc...

1300 dancers, 56 Groups from all over the world took part at Festival Dance & Theatre Prize 2004. (19 countries
rapresented from 4 continents). During four evening shows in Barcelona were performed 120 «pieces» in 22 hours of «Galà». Great success of public and
critics both for Schools and Dance Dep. partecipants at the competition and for the great «Special Dancer Guests» in the
presence of the notable experts and the official representatives of several Embassies. « Festival Dance Prize 2004» has
certainly been the most important meeting dedicated to the «amateurish dance» in Europe this year.

Why Participate?

Our organisation, with offices in the Italy and Spain, has worked to prepare the "Barcelona Festival - Dance Prize 2005" dedicated to dance in all of its expressions, reserved for Schools of Dance, and Institutes.

Everyone can participate in this event, our office in Spain has organised your stay with an attractive program so that, you can
dance in the Capital of the "Millenium" European Culture and beyond performing in various theatres, you have the opportunity
to visit the splendour of Barçelona.

Naturally, a theatrical adventure of this size will require some small challenges: it will be necessary to abandon our habits for several days, speak other languages, compete with the best schools and learn to manage our own images and preparation according to standards which are different from those at home.

What is the "Barcelona Festival - Dance Prize 2005"?

The event in which you will participate is the "Barça Festival - Dance Prize 2005", a competition that has established itself as
the largest and most important amateur dancing event in Europe, divided into different categories (classical dance,
modern/contemporary, dance-theatre) which awards the best groups, talents, choreographers and teachers. The commission of
international experts, critics and representatives from the prestigious Dance Companies will judge the School and Dance Dep. participants and will award the
prizes. Such an initiative will encourage cultural growth through dance as a universal language and will especially serve to stimulate friendship, solidarity, respect and mutual understanding. Our organisation plans these theatrical events guaranteeing top service, professional management, and proven experience. It will be our responsibility to work with you from the moment you confirm your participation. The theatre program, lodging and restaurants, information on the excursions and recreational activities have all been meticulously organised and the needs which could arise will be satisfied by our staff during your stay. Troughout the Festival our interpreter will always be available to assist you.

For the techinical aspects, rehearsal time in theatres, light and suond you could prepare during your time (about 20 min. in the morning before the performance), our organization plans these theatrical events guaranteeing top service, professional management, and proven experience of the "big" tradition of the Spain Theatre.

All the candidates' performance time will be accurately measured, observing the following limit time: 8 minutes duration for each
performance. Candidates must provide the music of their performances recorded on minidiscs or CD (normal tapes will be
accepted) together with their application form. You must write on the cover of each Md, the name of the candidate, his
category and the name of the piece. All Md will be checked for quality by our technician. Observation: Candidates must have
one additional tape for rehearsal. The jury of the Competition will be composed by international personalities and is the only
responsible for awarding. Competitors have no rights of claiming for further rewards not granted by the Jury. If you have any particular "Theatral requirement" or should like to know the rules of the competition, please don't hesitate to e-mail me.



Technical changes are possible
  • 24-March
    Expected arrival in Spain, settlement in the Hotels (after the 13.00 am)  theatrical activities for the dance groups;
    following dinner in Hotel or packet dinner.
  • 25-March
    8:00 AM Breakfast in the Hotel.
    theatrical activities for the dance groups;
    following dinner in Hotel or packet dinner
  • 26-March
    8:00 AM Breakfast in the Hotel.
    Free Day from theatrical committements and visit to Barcelona City with our transport:                                                               following dinner in Hotel or packet dinner.
  • 27-March
    8:00 AM Breakfast in the Hotel.
    Show competition and following Awarding eremony
    following dinner in Hotel or packet dinner.
  • 28-March
    8:00 AM Breakfast in the Hotel.
Participation free in the Barcelona 2005 event:

The "fee" is 399 Euro
For each dancer and chaperone participant

Lodging in two stars hotels

The deadline is 01 /02/2005

The participation fee includes:

1- Accommodation for four nights in Hotel.
2- Breakfast every morning  Dinner every days in Hotel or packet Lunch  cateering following the theatrical committements you can me.
3- Proposed Excursions and cultural programs according to theatrical commitments.
4- Transportations during the festival from your hotel to the theatre by Bus, following the theatrical committements.
5- Total Insurance coverage in the event theatres.
6- Participation in competition without any other charges and possibility to see all the dance performs during all festival evenings.

The participation fee does not include:

1- Transportation from your countries as far as Spain and back and other transports.
2- Beverages in Dinner.

IMPORTANT: The Festival Organization can’t help you to obtain the Passport Visa to enter in Spain. The only way to participate in our event is obtain the tourism visa from your appropriate Spain Embassy.

Registration Form

Please register the following group in the "Barça Festival Dance & Theatre Prize 2005"   Send this coupon to:



Name of participating group.


Street: ____________________________________________

City: ______________________________________________

Zip: _______________________________________________

Telephone: ________________________________________

E.mail: ____________________________________________

The School will participate in the Festival with the following number of persons (dancers and non).

Lodging request Two star hotel
Director of the participating School

Name: ____________________________________________

Last Name: _______________________________________

Address: __________________________________________

Telephone: _______________________________________

FAX: _____________________________________________


Our info e-mail:



Payments and registration in the "Barcelona Festival Dance & Theatre Prize 2005"

Please send the present registration form. School made out to the
Ass. Terzicore di Rossi Walter via sobb. comandini cesena fc Italy

A payment the total cost of partecipation "fee" will have to be received by 01th Feb. 2005, in order to confirm your reservation.

we will let you know all dates about your payments as soon we receive your reg. form.

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