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Volná místa na workshopu Audience Development (Bukurešť)


jak se doctete v nasledujicich materialech jsou jeste volna mista pro

ucastniky workshopu "Audience Development", ktery se konna koncem

tohoto mesice v Bukuresti, prihlasit se muzete do 10.kvetna !!!

(termin byl prodlouzen). prihlasovaci formular posilam i v priloze.

Vzhledem k tomu, ze se jedna o projekt podporovany v ramci programu

Cultural Link, v pripade akceptace vasi prihlasky organizatorem, je

pravdepodobne, ze Nadace Open Society Fund Praha by hradila vase

cestovni naklady a organizator vase pobytove, tedy vse zadarmo bez

ucastnickych poplatku, coz neni tak obvykle. Rada bych vsak mela

kopii vasi prihlasky, abych vedela kolik z vas opravdu projevilo


Workshop je urcen pro pracovniky v nezavislych i statnich divadlech,

muzeich a galeriich.

V kancelari budu opet 9.kvetna.

srdecne zdravim

marta smolikova


Dear colleagues,

Please find the project "Audience Development" and the

Questionnaire for application.

The project is supported under the umbrella of Cultural Link.

The organizers are looking for other 5-6 cultural managers to attend

the workshop. Please distribute this information to those who may be

interested in attending the Audience Development Workshop. The

deadline for application is 10th of May, 2001.

Best regards,

Oana Mateescu

PR Manager

CONCEPT Foundation

Soros Open Network Romania

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Toaca Cultural Foundation Bucharest

Studio address: 5, Mircea Voda Blv, Bucharest 3

Mailing address: 106 Matei Basarab Blv., bl. 73, apt. 14, Bucharest 3,

Tel/Fax: +401-322-7540, Email: tot@fx.ro

Bucharest, March 15th, 2001

Dear partner,

Toaca Cultural Foundation intends to organize a 4-days workshop on

audience development. Participants employed by independent and state

theatres, museums and arts galleries are welcome.

The workshop will take place in Bucharest, between May 31st and June

3rd 2001. The workshop regards both theoretical and practical

aspects. British, Dutch and Bulgarian and Romanian lecturers will lead

the 4 workshop days. You will have the opportunity of updating your

theoretical background on this topic, as well as meeting and

discussing similar problems of other organizations coming from CEE

countries, as well as from UE countries. The travel, accommodation and

meal costs are covered by the organizers and their financers.

In this preparation period, we would like to know if you are

interested in this workshop, to know your professional background,

availability and expectations in order to better outline the content

of the workshop.

Please fill in the forms and return them by MAY 10th, 2001 to the

following fax number: +401.322.7540 or email addresses; tot@fx.ro,

rteodore@itcnet.ro, in attention of Miss Ana Olteanu or Miss Raluca

Teodorescu. For any further details, please do not hesitate to contact

us at the telephone numbers +401.322.7540 or +4095.064.472.

Wishing you good luck in your activity and hoping to meet you in

Bucharest, I remain,

Sincerely yours,

Raluca Teodorescu

Project Manager

TOACA Cultural Foundation



1. Name:

2. Year of Birth:

3. Citizenship:

3.1. If applicable, please specify your ethnic/national minority:

4. Higher Education:


Year of graduation:

Degree(s)/Diploma(s) obtained:

5. English Language skills: please mark from 1 (weak) to 5 (excellent)

for competence

Language Reading Speaking Writing


6. Membership of professional bodies:

7. Present position:

8. Years of experience:

8.1. Years of Experience within Current Institution:

9. Key qualifications related to the nature/fields of training (such

as relevant professional assignments and courses):

10. Professional experience record:





Activities/Job description:





Activities/Job description:

11. Professional Achievements (relevant professional assignments

undertaken, promotions etc.)

12. Participation in cultural management activities, focus on audience

development (please provide a brief description of 2 projects, their

impacts and your involvement in the past three years):


13. Personal address:

14. Tel (work):

15. Fax:

16. Tel (home):

17. Mobile phone:

18. E-mail:


1. Have you participated in other management courses before? Yes


1.1. If yes, please specify when, under which institution/program:

3. Please indicate below what you believe to be specific training

needs of the institution and/or cultural sector to which you belong



Cultural Link - Cooperation, Program Exchange and Network Building


1. Project name: Workshop on "Audience Development"

2. Dates: May 31st - June 3rd, 2001

3. Synopsis (one sentence): international workshop aiming at providing

theoretical background, sharing experience and raising the awareness

on this issue (audience development); establishing or activating a

network of arts organizations across the CEE countries

4. Location (full address): Toaca Studio for Contemporay Arts - 5,

Mircea Voda Blv., Bucharest 3

5. Organizer (organization and contact person): TOACA Cultural

Foundation, Raluca Teodorescu (project coordinator)

6. Hosting foundation/cultural coordinator: TOACA Cultural Foundation,

Raluca Teodorescu

CONCEPT Foundation - Soros Open Network Romania

Cultural Coordinator: Oana Mateescu omateescu@concept.osf.ro

7. Project description:

Please provide as many details as possible:

a) Project objectives and goals


- to set up an active network (or to activate an existing one) - among

arts organizations coming from the CEE (Central and East European)

countries - to deliver training courses on Audience Development on

regular basis (for arts managers coming from Romania and other CEE

countries) Objectives: - to provide theoretical background on this

issue (audience development) - to share expertise across countries -

to establish connections with other CEE countries and set up an

e-group which would discuss management issues, events etc - to prepare

the future training course on Audience Development - which will be

delivered to Romanian managers active in the field of visual and

performing arts. - to improve the audience involvement of each

participanting organization

b) A complete description of the project

This project represents the first step of a larger programme envisaged

by Toaca Cultural Foundation and The Assosiation of Cultural Managers

(founded by the managers who participated at the Phare training

programme on cultural management) - aiming at delivering training

courses on specific issues on arts management. The target group of the

couses consists of Romanian arts managers and professionals. This

programme was presented to the Romanian Ministry of Culture and can be

set up starting with October 2001 (please see attached page). In case

the proposal will be delayed by the Ministry of Culture, Toaca

Cultural Foundation will start these training courses (at least on

audience development) on its own.

The project for which we are currently applying consists of a 4

days-worksop in Bucharest - as a preparation phase for the

above-mentioned training courses. The participants will be 25 managers

of independent and state theatres/dance organizations, festivals,

museums and arts galleries (coming from Romania, the CEE and UE

countries). The lecturers are professors, trainers and consultants on

audience development and arts management, coming from the Netherlans,

UK, Bulgaria and Romania.

The programme of the 4 days:

Wednesday, May 30st, 2001: arrival of the participants

Thursday, May 31st, 2001

- morning session (presentation of the participants, objectives of the

workshop and expectations of the participants; cofee break;

definition, concept of audience development) - lunch at Toaca Studio -

afternoon session (SWOT analysis, growth stategies, potential of

companies; coffee break; case studies) - evening: dinner at restaurant

and/or case study in Bucharest (theatre) Friday, June 1st 2001: -

morning session (arts market: segmentation, target groups, direct and

indirect competition; coffee break; products portofolio and

attractiveness analysis) - lunch at Toaca Studio - afternoon session

(maketing strategy and instruments, marketing mix: product, promotion,

pricing, place; coffee break; case studies) - evening: cocktail and

thetare performance at Toaca Studio

Saturday, June 2nd 2001:

- morning session (Image - essential factor for audience development;

coffee break; case study - Arts gallery in Bucharest) - lunch at Toaca

Studio - afternoon session (Audience: loyalty - how to enhance it? -

vs. Diversification - to what extend without loosing loyal audience;

coffee break; arts and audiece on Internet) - evening: dinner at

restaurant and/or case study in Bucharest (theatre)

Sunday, June 3rd, 2001

- morning session 2 working groups: theatre and dance organizations;

meseums and galleries (debates: problems raised by the participants;

finding sollutions: e.g. independent vs. state, seasonality,

scepticism about alternative venues etc) - brainstorming - lunch at

Toaca Studio - farewell and conclusions of the workshop - afternoon

free - departure of participants

After completing the workshop, the project coordinator will set up an

e-group (for furter electronic discussions) and after 6 months (in

December 2001) there will be a virtual meeting with the participants,

where everyone will present the latest achievements and the impact of

the workshop on their work.

The project has a multidisciplinary approach because it involves both

education, management and various forms of arts (theatre, dance,

visual arts etc). It also involves multiculturality - the participants

and lecturers come from Bulgaria, Ukraina, Slovenia, Yugoslavia, Czech

Republic, Slovakia, Croatia, Hungary, Letonia, Romania, Netherlands,

UK and Italy.

c). Background, context and reasons for the project

The project was designed starting from three important problems

noticed by TOACA Cultural Foundation.

- the poor audience of alternative venues in Romania.

- the lack of extra-curricular and post-graduate training for artists

and arts managers. In order to meet this need, Toaca Cultural

Foundation set up three years ago a 6-year partnership (1998 - 2004)

with the Moving Academy for Performing Arts (MAPA Amsterdam) and has

already delivered four workshop to young artists (projection

techniques, studio management, movement-rhythm, arts management, light

design etc - please see attached material; - the existing training

force on arts management - the coordinator of this project was

participating at the Phare programme "The cultural dimension od

Democracy" in Romania and, together with other 39 cultural managers

set up the Association of Cultural Managers in Romania, which intends

to deliver training courses on arts management topics.

d). Expected results and long term benefits of the project

Expected results:

- theoretical knowledge on audience development

- arts management experience - shared among participants; examples of

successful audience development - an active network across the CEE

countries; - a case studies data base for the future training course

on audience development;

Long term benefits: new audience development strategies, functionning

network, postgraduate training course on audience development (on

regular basis)

e). Means of following up on the project

- establishing an e-group (electronic discussions) with the

participants - follow-up-meeting on Internet (presenting results and

impact of the workshop on the daily activity) - a series of training

courses on audience development - for Romanian participants - network:

a starting point for joint projects, events, workshops

f). Expected public influence or impact of the project

The impact is, mostly, indirect (on the audience of each

participating organization and on TOACA's audience) - but also direct

(on the present and future participants at the training course on

audience development - they have the opportunity to design better

stategies for reching and developing the audience, more appropriate

cultural products for various target groups).

The public influence of the whole training programme is larger,

because it involves much more participants, as well as the Romanian

Ministry if Culture.

g). Expected participants (including those from host country and

countries not included in the Cultural Link Program component, such as

Western Europe or the Middle East)

- 9 managers (or similar position) of theatre/dance organisations and

festivals coming from CEE and EU countries - 2 museums managers, 4

gallery managers coming from CEE and EU countries - 10 Romanian

participants - managers of theatre, dance, visual arts organisations -

coming from Romania - 4 lecturers (Netherlands, UK, Bulgaria, Romania)

h). Target audience

- 9 managers (or similar position) of theatre, dance organisations and

festivals coming from CEE and EU countries - 2 museums managers, 4

gallery managers coming from CEE and EU countries - 10 Romanian

participants - managers of theatre, dance, visual arts organisations

Each participant applies the knowledge on its own audience;

i) Venue

The venue is TOACA Studio for Contemporary Arts, a very appropriate

building for workshops (see attached material) and very appropriate as

a case study (as a studio for contemporary arts).

j) Any location details that may be significant.

a historical building (dating from 1831) located in the downtown of

Bucharest; 600 sq. meters ground floor, (a theatre studio, 1

exhibition/concert hall, 2 workshop rooms, toilets etc.) 250 sq.

meters basement.


Foundations invited to participate:

a) Have the participants been chosen in advance? If so, by whom?

Yes, 8 foreign participants and 3 foreign lecturers have been chosen

in advance by the artistic director of Toaca Cultural Foundation and

by the project coordinator. As far as the Romanian participants are

concerned, they will be selected on democratic basis with the only

restriction: priority to independent organizations.

b) Please describe the selection process and enclose participants'

complete contact information.

According to the criteria established by the project coordinator (also

one of the trainers), the structure of the participants is the

following: . 8 managers (or similar position) of independent theatre

and dance organizations and festivals coming from the Eastern and

Central European Countries;

- Bulgaria - Petar Todorov, director of Aquarius Era / Thetare in

Suitcase Festival, Bourgas (petardesi@mbox.infotel.bg) - Croatia :

Dean Zahtilla (lae@pu.tel.hr) - Czech Republic: Pavel Storek -

director of Four Days Festival, Prague (ctyridni@login.cz) - Slovakia:

Miroslava Kovarova - CDA Bratislava (ast@contdance.sk) - Hungary -

Gyorgy Szabo, TRAFO (kata@trafo.c3.hu) - Latvia: Baiba Tjarve - The

New Theatre Institute of Latvia (aija@sfl-paic.lv) - Yugoslavia: Boris

Caksiran -ERGstatus Dance Project and Company Beograd,

(caksiran@yahoo. com) - Slovenia: Marko Hren - Metelkova Ljubljana


- reserves: Tomas Zizka - Mamapapa Prague, Czech Republic

(mamapapa@terminal.cz), Labin Art Express Croatia (lae@alf.tel.hr) ,

Poland: Bibianna Chimiak (bibi@tjs.webnet.pl), Ukraine: Serhiy

Proskurnia - International Theatre Festival Laboratory

(fest@berezillia.com.ua), Katarina Zivanovic CINEMA REX Beograd,

Yugoslavia (shile@infosky.net)

. 1 theatre director (or similar position) coming from a EU country:

Gideon Feldman - Inter Cahange Studios, London - UK

(greae@dircon.co.uk); reserve: Stefano Casi - Teatri di Vita, Italy

(info@teatridivita.it) . 2 museum directors (or similar position)

coming from Eastern and Central European Countries . 3 arts gallery

managers (or similar position) coming from Eastern and Central

European Countries: Bulgaria . 1 arts gallery manager (or similar

position) coming from an EU country: Neon Gallery, Bologna, Italy . 6

theatre managers (or similar position) coming from Romania (Bucharest

and other cities) . 4 museum and/or gallery managers (or similar

position) coming from Romania(Bucharest and other cities)

The foreign participants have been selected among the connections and

partnerships of Toaca Cultural Foundation. They have been only

informed about this project. We would like to use the Arts and Culture

Network in order to find the rest of foreign participants - dealing

with visual arts (3). The Romanian participants will be selected on

democratic basis (all the theatres, festivals, museums and galleries

will be informed about the workshop). The only restriction is the

priority given in the first wave to independent organizations. The

organizations which will not be selected for this phase will have the

opportunity to participate in the training courses organized in the

fall season by the Association of Cultural Managers in Romania (please

see attached sheet).


- Gerald Lidstone - prof. Goldsmith's College, Univ. of London


- Gerri Morris, director of Morris Hargreaves McIntyre, Manchester -

constulting company on audience development

(gerri.morris@lateralthinkers.com) - Lidia Varbanova - prof. Dr.,

Program Director Arts and Culture Network Budapest, Hungary

(varbanova@osi.hu) - reserve: Eva van der Molen - prof. University of

Amsterdam, Netherlands (evd.molen@inter.nl.net) - Raluca Teodorescu,

trainer on cultural management, Toaca Cultural Foundation, Bucharest,

Romania (rteodore@itcnet.ro)

The lecturers have been selected by the project coordinator, who

participated at the Phare programme on cultural management (including

study tour in Italy, France, UK and Greece)


Marta Smolikova

Vedouci programu pro umeni a kulturu

Nadace Open Society Fund Praha

Seifertova 47, 130 00 Praha 3

tel:00420/2/627 94 45, fax: 627 94 44

e-mail: marta.smolikova@osf.cz


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