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The Welcome Trust – Sciart Experiment Awards

Cena Sciart za experiment (až do výše 5 000 liber) má napomoci umělcům a vědcům zkoumat počáteční stádia a potencionálně slibné ideje uměleckých projektů, které čerpají z vědy, hlavně biomedicíny. Záměrem je podpora hledání propojení umění s vědou a to na všech polích umění, od divadla a performance, přes multimédia až k výtvarnému umění a je určena jak jednotlivcům, tak i skupinám.

Blíže web: http://www.wellcome.ac.uk/sciart2004
Termín přihlášek 16. července 2004.

Experiment Awards

Experiment Awards (up to L5000) aim to enable artists and scientists to explore the very early stages of potentially promising ideas for an arts project informed by science through, say, a feasibility study, workshops, and in-depth research into a scientific area. Experiment Award proposals are tentative, but will need to demonstrate an overall purpose.

The Awards are aimed at individuals as well as groups.

Applications can be made at any time between 1 January and 16 July 2004.


Sciart seeks to support arts projects informed by biomedical science

Collaborations between art and science is a buoyant field of activity. Visual art, music, digital media, film, creative writing and the performing arts provide fresh and exciting ways of interacting with scientific research, intriguing and captivating spectators and engaging a wide range of audiences in scientific issues. In turn, science - with its vivid history, complex contemporary advances and the social, ethical and emotional implications - offers an inexhaustible supply of inspiration for the arts.

Sciart forms part of the Wellcome Trust's Engaging Science grants programme and is an amalgamation of two previous funding schemes: Science on Stage and Screen and the consortium-funded sciart scheme. This year, sciart will award grants up to a total of L500 000 to further support and encourage innovative arts projects investigating biomedical science and its social contexts.

Find out more at: http://www.wellcome.ac.uk/sciart2004

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